Long Beach Breast
Cancer Coalition
P.O. Box 844
Long Beach, NY 11561
Phone: (516) 943-3404



Our mission is to promote awareness through education and community outreach; advocacy to increase funding for research into the causes of breast cancer, and for improved methods of detection and treatment; and assistance in securing access to screening, diagnosis, and treatment.


The Long Beach Breast Cancer Coalition was founded in 1992. In the Spring of 1992 a number of women were becoming concerned about what appeared to be a high incidence of breast cancer on Long Island. A meeting was held with our county legislator to discuss the concerns of women living in Long Beach. From that meeting it was resolved that we would work together with the goal of increasing awareness, and educating community members through informational seminars and programs. One of the first tasks of the LBBCC was completion of a breast cancer mapping survey to determine the incidence of breast cancer in Long Beach. That same year Coalition members participated in the first breast cancer walk on Washington and met with state legislators to request increased allocation of funds for breast cancer research. These first steps were the beginning of the LBBCC’s efforts to increase public awareness and focus on the issue of breast cancer on Long Island.


Jodi Hollingshead

President, Treasurer

Linda Salkovsky

Linda Brohn
Assistant Treasurer

Andy Sonin
Coordinator of Special Projects

Denise Bory

Karen Dinan

Victoria Sonin
Jr. Assistant

E-Van Creations, Dr. C. Golub,
Lenny Remo, Robert Schade, Laurel Cleaners.

Long Beach Breast Cancer Coalition’s (LBBCC) Accomplishments

April 2005
Second Annual I Am Fed Naturally Poster Contest with participants from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in the Long Beach Elementary Schools. Students completed posters based on the theme of KEEPING OUR EARTH HEALTY. On May 24th Newsday included the contest and winners as part of the Futurecorps series.

May 2005
Expert Green Architect, Peter Caradonna presented “Go Green…With Envy: Design Your Home the Green Way. Attendees learned how to build homes that use less energy, produce less pollution, and result in better environments for living, working, and schooling.

October 2004
The Energy of Feng Shui
The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui involves harmony, placement, and balance something we all need in our lives. Feng Shui teaches that our surroundings have a tremendous subconscious impact on our health, attitude, relationships, and success. By making subtle changes to the design and décor of your home and office, you can positively influence your life. On October 14th before a large crowd of interested community members Christine Doukas of Design Consultants explained how to balance the energy in our homes and our workplaces through simple additions, subtractions, and realignment of our surroundings.

April 2004
First Annual I Am Fed Naturally Poster Contest held in cooperation with the Long Beach Elementary Schools. The contest provided students the opportunity to design a poster based on the theme of "What the world would be like for all living things and the environment if pesticide use was eliminated."

June 2003
On Arbor Day donated organic Japanese maple trees and plaques identifying them as part of the LBBCC I Am Fed Naturally gardening program at all four Long Beach Elementary Schools

Since 2000
• I Am Fed Naturally garden program promoted throughout community
• Partner with Empire Kayaks and Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition at the annual Kayakathon with funds going to Lend A Helping Hand program
• Donations made to SHARE and Hadassah’s Check It Out program

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Since 1999

• Began Lend A Helping Hand program providing services for women
undergoing treatment for breast cancer (based on program developed by
the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition)
• Provide Annual Long Beach High School scholarship for student entering
health care field (2nd grant added in 2001)

June 1998 Partnered with the American Cancer Society to bring the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Faces of Breast Cancer to Long Island at Roosevelt Field

Since 1998
• Held the First Race to Erase Breast Cancer Family Funwalk
• Provide funding for Breast Cancer Research (recipients include Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia-Presbyterian)
• First Tie A Pink Ribbon ceremony held in LBBCC Garden in October to honor women diagnosed with breast cancer and those who lost their battle with the disease

Since 1996
• Joined Long Island Breast Cancer Network to focus on Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project, and other issues surrounding breast cancer

Since 1995
• LBBCC moved into office at Long Beach Medical Center
• Participated in Long Beach Environmental Fair (through 2000 – Fair no longer held)
• Participated in Long Beach Medical Center Health Fair

• Dedication of LBBCC Garden donated by Assemblyman & Mrs. Harvey

• 1st meeting of local legislator and group of women involved in formation of the Long Beach Breast Cancer Coalition
• Long Beach breast cancer mapping survey completed
• Participated in first breast cancer walk on Washington and met with legislators to advocate for increased funding for breast cancer research

Past programs presented in the community have focused on Breast Health, Breast Cancer Treatment, Lymphedema, Nutrition, Exercise, Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Herbology, Organic Gardening, and Music




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